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 The Bert Bolle Barometer

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The World’s Largest Barometer, formerly in the Denmark Visitor Centre - Western Australia

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Denmark lost the Bert Bolle Barometer
End of world attraction in Denmark WA

Latest update 1 March 2015

The Denmark Visitor Centre has lost its world’s largest barometer. Differences of opinion with the Board of Denmark Tourism Incorporated (DTI) and the management of the Denmark Visitor Centre about promoting and signposting the water barometer in the Barometer Tower in the Denmark Visitor Centre lay at the bottom of an ongoing conflict, which resulted in our departure after we asked for the barometer to be given back to us. The Barometer Tower was dismantled mid February 2011. The owner kept it in working order as a temporary set-up in a shed near his house.

Negotiations about a new housing for the barometer were successful. In due course the barometer will find a new permanent setting in a large lifestyle shopping centre in the Netherlands.

The story about the Bert Bolle Barometer

This web site was made for anybody interested in the backgrounds of the Guinness Book of Records Water Barometer. Please scroll through the next two pages to read the whole story, or jump to the section you like by clicking on one of the following subjects.

In Europe
The oldest barometers
The first steps in 1985
Bert Bolle’s ‘shopping list’
How the water barometer operated
The Guinness Book of Records Certificate
The Barometer Museum in the Netherlands

In Australia
From the Netherlands to Australia
The building process

Mission Accomplished
Donations and Support
Denmark lost the Bert Bolle Barometer

Wikipedia article about Denmark in Western Australia

For a 3 minute VIDEO about the Bert Bolle Barometer on YouTube, click here.

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